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14U Crushers Gold in Arizona


" Work hard for your coaches, they work hard for you" - Lake K.

10U - Full 
11U Gold - 1 Roster spot open
11U Black - FULL  
12U - FULL 
13U Gold - FULL
13U Black - 2 roster spots open
14U Gold - FULL
14U Black - 2 roster spots open 

ATTENTION - 11U PLAYERS - We need 1-2 more 11U players 
- Info - 11-12 player roster, no hold backs , advanced training and development and a competitive team 
 - MAKE SURE TO CONTACT MATT FOR AN EVALUATION  @ 925-785-6178 or info@danvillebaseballacademy.com to let him know you are coming and if you have any questions 


We currently have 3 Frosh Teams that are FULL
We are looking for Sophomore and Junior Pitcher Onlys
Our Elite NCP 18U Team need 1 Catcher and 1 Hitter ( we will find you a position ) 


Basic Info


Sept 12th- Nov 13th 
Practice 1x one week and 2x the next 
DH on Sundays and 2 tournaments 
All teams professionally coached
Everyone will play 


Mid January - July 
practice 2x a week every week
Play Sat/Sun 3 weekends out of the month 
Mix of league games and tournaments games 
50-55 games 

9U/10U - Stress the importance of learning the game 
11U - Continue learning the game and develop proper mechanics 
12U - travels to the legendary Cooperstown Dreams Park - Live the Dream
13U - play and practice on the "BIG FIELD"
14U - No one get you more prepped for high school then we do 

Contact Matt for any questions 925-785-6178

***FALL/WINTER NorCal Prospects 15U/16U/18U***

Please contact Matt if you are interested in playing. Fall/Winter season is just around the corner. Our teams are about getting the boys reps, innings on the mound, and play time so let us know today if you want to play. We will carry 14-15 kids maximum on each team to ensure play time. All you need to know if this is time to get ready for the high school season and get ti know the recruitment process for colleges. 

Sept- Nov

One weekday practice and one weekend day

Dec 1 - High School tryouts 

THREE weekday practices and games on Sat/Sun 
  • Please contact Matt for an eval - 925-785-617
  • Elite coaching and direct contact with Pac-12, WCC, Big West, WAC, and many more!!!! 

The following have currently made their high school teams:
  • Matthew Winaker (FR) - Stanford University 
  • Thomas Desmond (SO) - RPI New York 
  • Connor Bruce (JR) - Monte Vista Varsity
  • Kyle Walsh (FR) - Foothill Freshman 
  • Ryan Haynes (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman 
  • Grant Hansen (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman 
  • Zack Van Wart (FR) - San Ramon Freshman 
  • Will Bishop (FR) - Campolindo Varsity 
  • Nick Himan (FR) - San Ramon Freshman
  • Matthew Stevens (FR) - Valley Christian Freshman 
  • Connor Linchey (FR) - San Ramon Valley Freshman  
  • Mason Fowler (FR) - San Ramon Freshman 
  • Noah Plafker (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman 
  • George Apostolopolous (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman
  • Sam Morgan (FR) - San Ramon Freshman 
  • Dawson Vasconi (JR) - Monte Vista Varsity 
  • Dante Peretti (JR) - San Ramon JV
  • Sean Carey (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Kyle Wehber (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Tyler Larson (JR) - San Ramon JV
  • Will Blackburn (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Tyler Roller (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman 
  • Ben Grubaugh (FR) - San Ramon Freshman 
  • Caden Bruce (FR) - Monte Vista Freshman 
  • Michael Theisen (SO) - San Ramon JV 
  • Scott Lewis (JR) - Berean Christian Varsity
  • Connor Corsa (SO) -  Dougherty JV
  • Steven Anderson (SR) - Monte Vista Varsity 
  • Will Dennis (JR) - San Ramon JV
  • Donald Camello (SR) - Amador Varsity
  • Harley McKee (SO) - Acalanes Varsity
  • Grant Neeley (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Dawson Vasconi (JR) - Monte Vista Varsity 
  • Daniel Kim (SO) - Acalanes Varsity
  • Michael Theisen (SO) - San Ramon JV
  • Will Pickett (SR) - Amador Varsity
  • Jake Bennett (SO) - San Ramon JV  
  • Gabe Lechner (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Chase Geertsen (JR) - San Ramon Varsity
  • Jeremy Coliton (SO) - Monte Vista JV 
  • Justin Roper (SO) - Clayton Valley Varsity
  • Danny Oliner (SO) - Las Lomas Varsity
  • Nick Santiago (SO) - De La Salle JV




Coaching Positions Available - Please contact us at info@danvillebaseballacademy.com


The Danville Baseball Academy - Living The Dream


The Danville Baseball Academy is determined to instruct and develop the areas baseballs players to their fullest capacity. At the DBA, we strive to get the most out of each player so they can fulfill their potential.

To put it simply, we have the experience. Ranging from Little League, Pony, Travel Ball, High School, College, and the highest level possible, the Major Leagues, our coaches have played or instructed at every level.

We have become the Bay Areas premier youth baseball organization, complete with teams, camps, clinics, lessons, and more!!!

If its baseball, we have the right people for you!!!

The Danville Baseball Academy - "Living the Dream"